Shape Change Magnetic Magic Cube™️

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  • 1 Cube Can transform into over 70+ shapes
  • Inspires Creativity & Sensory Stimulation
  • Endless Screen-Free Entertainment
  • Something new to discover with every twist
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Shape Shifting Magnetic Magic Cube™️

Introducing ToyShark Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™, an innovative fidget cube with multiple rare earth magnets that transforms to reveal vibrant artwork and designs. Over 70 unique shapes are possible allowing for playful and curious discovery that doubles as brain-teasing fun. Let the creative juices flow and delight in a constantly evolving display of beauty as the imaginations run wild!

How to attach more than ONE Cube

What Your Child Will Learn?

✅ Inspires Creativity: Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™ nurtures abstract thinking, intelligence, and engineering skills in ever-changing play. Immerse in a challenging quest to transform into specific shapes and back into the original cube. 
 Endless Screen-Free Entertainment: Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™ features 36 rare earth magnets for an innovative design that transforms into over 70 shapes! Explore never-ending curiosity while discovering various complex designs and combinations.
✅ Sensory Stimulation: Precise dexterity and hand-eye coordination are naturally encouraged to manipulate Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™ to transform. With every satisfying click, soothe away stress and nerves and improve fine motor skills.
✅ Collect and Connect: Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™ is built with a robust internal magnet system, allowing for connection to other cubes to create even more intricate structures and sculptures. Collect all designs to construct unique, dazzling 3D art!
✅ Superior Quality: Built with premium injection mold plastic and a tear-proof surface, Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™ is resistant to potential breakage. Each cube features distinctive, stylish patterns of colorful, mesmerizing artwork for a constantly changing display of beauty.
✅ Collaborative Activity: Shape Shifting Magnetic Cube™ offers a fun and collaborative experience for a wide range of individuals. Children, parents, and caretakers can work together to create different shapes, promoting social development and communication.

More Than One Cube Can Make Shapes Never Seen Before


8 reviews

8 reviews for Shape Change Magnetic Magic Cube™️

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  1. Not Just Another Rubik’s Cube (verified owner)

    I thought these would be cool for my son, but I’ve now found that it is the very best thing for me to help calm down from work.I find myself playing with these cubes for hours. I have 8 of them and would absolutely love to buy more just a little tight on money. But I will absolutely be a buyer of SHAPE SHIFTER cubes for a long long time

  2. Very Creative puzzle (verified owner)

    I bought my 8-year-old son both color styles. He absolutely loves them and making different designs. He also enjoys the app to show him even more cool designs. With that said I absolutely love them as well!

  3. Best Toy Ever (verified owner)

    Kid has a great time exploring and creating shapes. The colors are vivid and the design is nice. I bought this toy for my kid’s 11th birthday and he loved it.

  4. Derek (verified owner)

    I got this to keep myself entertained while working. Not only did I love it, but my kids do too. Once you get the hang of how to moves and shifts from one shape to another, it’s tons of fun and helps calm the mind. I totally recommend this fun toy.

  5. Padma (verified owner)

    Kids LOVE THIS!!!!!!

  6. Manasi (verified owner)

    They really are addictive to play with. The patterns, the clicky sounds, the combinations. The structure in the Image I have uploaded is using 3 cubes, I’ve bought 5 so far. Someone stop me!

  7. Lekha (verified owner)

    Never knew my daughter would love these so much. She insisted me buy 2 more after getting involved in it.

  8. Raman (verified owner)

    My son got one as a birthday gift. I liked it so much that I bought one.

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